Customers should order Delivery-Mobile directly either by whatsapp or calls to the number provided by delivery - Mobile and not to restaurants. All this to ensure that any order for delivery arrives on time so we make sure to obey the exact address of the client confirming the total of his order including the cost for the delivery.

In this way we make sure if the customer needs change or not, in case the designated dealer is needed they will have it ready.

the price of each delivery will depend on the exact address of each customer, in case the customer orders more than one of the restaurants in the same order the price of their delivery will have an extra value depending on the number of restaurants in the order


Delivery Schedules

from Monday to Friday our schedule is from 10 am to 10 pm

Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 10 pm


In the event that an order exempts the regular delivery-Mobile schedule, the order will be made only in case our staff is available at that time without this meaning that we are committed to do so.In case of delivering the cost for your delivery will be charged an additional 50% to the price of delivery.

The availability of restaurant dishes will depend on the inventory of each restaurant in case one of the restaurants does not have the requested delivery-mobile dish available for some reason, offers alternative options to the client.

delivery -Mobile is committed and offers home delivery services with restaurants that we have prior agreements. In the specific case that customers order from some of the restaurants where we have no agreement, we do not undertake to make the delivery and in case of doing so the price of the delivery will double for example if the cost of delivery is 100 cordobas with any restaurant of which we have agreements the price of the delivery of the restaurant that we have no agreement will be 200 cordobas.

The prices reflected in the restaurant menus in some cases do not include taxes, this being 15% of the value of each dish.


Packages to take away

Takeaway packages are worth 10 to 20 Cordobas depending on each restaurant.